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At Edinburgh Entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on delivering meaningful and insightful events with key industry players participating from the Fortune 500 to the local titans of Edinburgh.

Annually we run over 40 events, including Keynotes, Panels, Workshops, and a new Venture Capital Programme, collaborating with companies to provide our members with the best possible exposure opportunities. The society is also happy to announce the implementation of a 50:50 gender diversity scheme encouraging representativity in the speakers we provide. 

Our keynote events run in tandem without our workshops, continuing on recent discussions. They also run simultaneously with our VCP scheme during the second semester. 

The society is proud to have a long history of speaker and company engagement of a diverse set of backgrounds. From tech talent at IBM, to Unicorns like Brewdog, we have it all.

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Running Tuesday evenings every week.

Our keynote events' key aim is to advance the conversations regarding future entrepreneurship. These take place throughout the year encompassing all industries and backgrounds.

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Jared Geller | HitRecord Co-Founder

Jared Geller joins us in our first event focusing on entrepreneurship in the arts industry.  He talks through his start-up, founded with the famous actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which offers a platform for online media collaboration.

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A huge thanks to our other previous event partners ...

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Running alternating Thursdays throughout the year.

Our workshops run in tandem with our keynote events, through the first semester and summer period. Workshops are about proactive work in life skills, from our summer CV helpdesk to recent graduate advice and interview skills.

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Our recent workshop showcased three EntSoc alumni reflecting on their application experience; talking through the best ways to produce a winning CV and cover letter, what to do to prepare for interviews, and how to use LinkedIn to your advantage.

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“Workshops provide relevant insight into the skills necessary for entrepreneurship, with diverse backgrounds from Event Management to Venture Capital.

I have even secured a summer internship in Venture Capital because of the workshops!”

Louis Scott

“Workshops have provided me with an insight into multiple industries and given me the starting skills to break into those industries alongside key skills that are needed for entrepreneurship and a diverse range of views.”

Will Martin

"Workshops have challenged stereotypes I held of entrepreneurship, and business in general. Listening to leading professionals share their experiences, and candidly discuss their difficulties in getting to where they are today has given me a newfound appreciation for what careers in their field might entail"

Kaveena Balakumar

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Runs Mondays of second semester.

The VCP is an 8-week long programme which takes place in the second semester of university, encouraging students to learn the financial skills necessary for both business and entrepreneurship ventures. 

At the end of our programme Joseph Foster, Irem Akcay and Yasshootha Supramaniam formed a 'startup' - CutCo. - and took home our top prize of £300 for their product - Handle It!

Their novel innovation protects public transport users during the Covid-19 pandemic by producing self-sanitisers made of bamboo, which are to be installed on bus handles and in bus stops.

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“The VCP introduced me to various entrepreneurial resources offered by the university and I look forward to making the most of it in the future.”

Frederick Peng

“I discovered an interest in entrepreneurship by taking part in the VCP. The programme helped me to develop my team working skills and enabled me to get over my fear of public speaking.”

Irem Akcay

“This opportunity allowed me to learn about the qualities of successful start-ups and it inspired me to start my own business in the future.”

Chan Un Leng Annie

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