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REACH is an initiative that has our members give back. As entrepreneurs, we recognise our responsibility to give back to the communities we come from and think about how we can solve the problems within them.

Through interaction with social enterprises and non-profits, hosting fundraising events for Charities, or helping one another develop ideas into real ventures.

Throughout the year we host a variety of fundraising events, working to raise money for our partner charities.

Our REACH cards for members get you great discounts at local cuisine and pop-ups around campus, and all funds go straight to our charity partners!

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We work closely to raise money for our national mental health Charity, SAMH.

Most of us will be affected by poor mental health at some point in our life, with many experiencing worse periods in the pandemic. We hope to remove some of this stigma in. our events and continue to raise money for Scottish mental health services.

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