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Our Venture Capital Programme works closely with our student members and industry partners to provide an 8-week programme giving you experience and industry knowledge of working with Venture Capitalists.

Venture Capital Programme participants can expect to develop the necessary technical and soft skills for a successful career in Private Equity, Venture Capital, and business in general.

We welcome students from all academic backgrounds - anyone can succeed in Venture Capital if you have the right skills!

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Week 1: Ideation and Networking- An Introduction to VCP

Week 2: Team Formation and Mission Statements

Week 3: Researching Business Environments- Industry Analysis and Models

Week 4: Outstanding Qualities and Valuation of Start-Ups

Week 5: Sustainable Business

Week 6: Transforming Ideas into Reality

Week 7: Fundamentals of Pitching 

Week 8: Pitching Competition

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Student Testimonials

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“The VCP introduced me to various entrepreneurial resources offered by the university and I look forward to making the most of it in the future.”

Frederick Peng

“I discovered an interest in entrepreneurship by taking part in the VCP. The programme helped me to develop my team working skills and enabled me to get over my fear of public speaking.”

Irem Akcay

“This opportunity allowed me to learn about the qualities of successful start-ups and it inspired me to start my own business in the future.”

Chan Un Leng Annie

VCP: Testimonials
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